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26 May 2006

All for Russ

Russ fever has sure caught on in the United States. Based on my personal numbers, Russ has now visited 15 different states counting his home state of Wisconsin. On his site he has only 13 listed due to not counting Wisconisn or the visit he made to New York. The NY visit was most likely not listed on his site due to he wasn't promoting any candidates on the visit. It still counts as a visit in my book though. When he speaks at the Maine State Democratic convention, that will make it state #"Sweet Sixteen".

Overall, when I take into account all states that Russ has visited and states that I have at one point or another seen Russforpresident activity, the number is 24. Thats right, its at least a year away from Russ making a possible presidential announcement and almost half the county is talking him up. Not to mention we even have folks abroad rooting for Feingold. Lets just see other candidate boast that. I have looked at the websites aimed at drafting other Democratic candidates and I must say, the Russ movement is both the largest and most detailed. So Go RussTeam Go! Other potential candidates may boast their large amounts of money raised, but most democrats don't put their votes up for sale. You have to earn them with a voting record like that of Russ Feingold.

Last of all, just checking other states websites and I must say that we have the most updated blog entry. So come on other states, lets get Blogging. I know we could all spend hours talking about Russ. So, lets put it up on the net for everyone to read about. Plus, this just in from other states sites (thanks, I missed it). Russ votes NO on Hayden for CIA director while in the Senate Intelligence Committee. Ok, more tomarrow.


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