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25 May 2006

Blog on for Feingold

I have reached the conclusion that I need to start blogging for Russ. A great way to keep folks visiting this site is to give them at least one post a day. So, here I go. Besides, the more viewers read, the more they will learn, and the more they will love about Feingold. Over at the national site, there are results for the latest poll results for MI. Russ is up from 6-9% in only one month! He is tied with John Kerry and trails John Edwards by one point. These two guys have had the national stage before, Russ hasn't. The two leaders are Hillary who who also had national attention as first Lady and former Presidential Nominee Al Gore. I am not sure as to why Gore is still mentioned in polls. He has said over and over that he is not running for national office. I would like to see where Russ would fall with Gore not an option.

Its almost June, and Russ has been invited to speak at the Maine and NewHapshire State Democratic Conventions. The conventions are June 2 and 3rd. There is also expected to be a vote the week of June 5, 2006 for a Gay Marriage Ban Amendment in the U.S. Senate. Russ voted against this in 2004, so look for him to vote a BIG NO in 2006.(On a quick sidenote, I will predict that due to the make up of the senate the vote will be 53 yeas 47 nays. I would vote no and expect Russ to do the same) Wisconsin this year, much like Michigan in 2004, has a proposed question defining marriage as between a man and a women on its November ballot. Russ has come out against this and plans to campagin against it. This, along with holding his 1,000th listening session and campaigning across the county for progressives(Washington State), what isn't there to love about this guy? In my opinion, Russ is a man in a senate of boys and girls. Seems to me he is just too good for the senate. Time for a promotion in 2008.


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