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28 May 2006

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Russ will be in Washington DC June 14th speaking bright and early in the morning at the 2006 "Take Back America Conference" This will be the 4th annual meeting, as the first took place in the summer of 2003. It has grown to be the largest conference for progressives to gather in the nation. Thats right, you heard me, progressive folks, some known, some soon to be, and others who will only be known by a few, but their impact will live on forever. Eitherway, this is Russ's BIG chance to get as many progressives from around the country in one room and give them his side of the story. To let them know that there has only been one, one great senator through out both the Clinton and Bush years that has stood by his people. Whether it was crossing party lines, voting opposite the party, or being the only vote in opposition. Russ always voted as if "Average Joe and Jane" themselves were in the senate chambers casting a vote.

Russ will be the first speaker on the third day of the conference. Other 2008 Presidential possibles speaking at the conference are Senators Clinton of New York, John Kerry of Massachusetts, and Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa. Russ however, gets the third day all to himself, and is the opening speaker. To show some MI love, fomer congressman, house minority whip, and 2002 gubernatorial candidate David Bonier will also be at the Conference speaking. As well as Michigans esteemed Congressman John Conyers. Last of all, being how it is Memorial Day weekend, an almost designated weekend for movies, BBQ's and of course, honoring our men and women in Uniform. I thought it be appropriate for folks, if they haven't already to all gather around the family computer and watch some of the best campaign ads you'll find in the USA. I am talking about none other then Russ's own ads. I am not poking fun either. I really think that Russ has very creative lightly comical ads that will once again, just be a plethra of things that seperate him from other Democratic Presidential candidates.


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