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27 May 2006

Mr. Tough

Russ, through out his tenure in the United States Senate, has taken tough positions. He didn't take any of them to get votes, but because he felt it was the right thing to do. In my records, I have counted 16 states that have added constitutional bans on same sex marriages. There are six more states that will attempt to do this in 2006. Wisconsin, Russ's home state in one of them. Russ has come out against this proposal and supports same sex marriage. This is another example of how he takes a stance on an issue that few dare to take for fear of loosing votes.

However, not too many democrats I know even look at same sex marriage as an important issue. Infact, I don't think most folks in Michigan do either. Even though the "Rove machine" touted the issue as a "Kerry Killer" in swing states and with rural voters, Kerry did win Michigan. The only state that had the issue on the ballot, passed it, and went blue for Kerry. So, if the question appeared on ballots in states in 2004, 2005, and will be in 2006. It may even be on ballots for 2007 and you guessed it, in 2008. So it will be very important that the democratic nominee for President have a clear stance on the issue and then move on. Russ so far has the best one. He is for same sex marriages and then moves on to talk about domestic spying, the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, national healthcare, FAIR trade, and a whole slew of things folks are looking for a fix to.

So lets jump ahead to 2008, right in the heart of a big important swing state of Florida. Bush #41 carried it in 92', Clinton in 96', Gore pretty much did in 00', and Bush#43 won the state in 04'. Based on this, the dems, with a solid candidate like Russ, and the issues in their favor, should be able to win the state. Karl Rove and company would have us guess again, as this southern swing state will have the same sex marriage question placed before its voters in 2008. Thats right, efforts have already began to get this on the ballot and the Florida GOP are backing it. Floridians are not as conservative as the GOP may think though. In 2004 Bush won the state by more then he supposedly did in 2000. It was though, only with 52%. Plus, that state had two big state wide ballot proposals. The first was to have parental notification, before a minor has an abortion. It passed with 65%. The other was an initiative to raise the minnimum wage and scale it to inflation rates. This passed with a huge 71% of support. A friend of mine that worked the ACORN campaign to raise the wage in FL, told me that in all of the visits Kerry made to the state, he failed to mention strong support for raising the wage. So, it may be just my opinion, but I think Russ has the best chance to win FL in 2008 as well as the general election. Why? Because he is the only candidate that has a solid proud stance for same sex marriage and can talk genuinly to FL voters about other real issues.


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