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25 June 2006

All 4 Russ and Russ 4 all

Polls, polls and more polls. Russ in the latest poll out of Wisconsin had 31% to Hillary's 32%. This puts them at a statistical tie and is the first poll that has Russ in second place. More recently was the Wisconsin State Democratic convention where a straw poll of the delegates puts Russ at 53%. Al gore had 10% and Hillary at 9%. So the question is, are these delegates more representative then the polls or vice versa? Either way, it looks that Russ has pretty much got Wisconsin backing a possible presidential run. This homegrown strength doesn't look like it can be said for Iowa Guv Tom Vilsack.

In the latest Poll from the Des Moines Register, Vilsak has only 10% with the leaders being Edwards, Hillary, and Kerry. Russ recieved only 3%, the most though for "no national name" candidates. The excitement here is that this is the first poll that I have ever seen, out of Iowa too, where Hillary is not winning. The first place winner is John Edwards with 30% Hillary is second at 26%. This is one of the first polls that also did not include a run by Al Gore. This may have made the difference, although, a year and a half before the Iowa Caucus and Hill, is already beatable.

Rounding out other states, Russ is now leading 2004 Nominee John Kerry in Pennsylvania and Washington State. He is tied with Kerry in New Jersey and Michigan. Infact, this is the second month in a row that Russ is tied with Kerry in Michigan. He was tied with him in May and in June polling. I would have to bet my bottom dollar that in July he will break it and be hot on John Edwards' trail. The bottom line is, Russ is gaining in the polls month after month. Plus, out of all the candidates without national spotlight, Russ leads big. Once folks learn more about Russ and even meet him, they will easily vote for him.


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