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27 June 2006

Always Russ, All for Us

Russ was great this past Sunday on "Meet the Press". He was very confident in saying that he believes he would prevail against Hillary in a debate on the Iraq war, the Patriot Act, and the Illegal wiretapping. It was great to hear that he was not endorsing Joe Lieberman in CT. Instead he says that he will endorse the winner of the democratic primary. So go out there and get Ned Lamont the nomination CT dems. Even if Russ does not run for President. He needs people like Bernie Sanders and Ned Lamont in the U.S. Senate with him.

GQ Magizine also had a nice article about Russ. It was an interview that showed the senators light humor side. Then again, don't we want a President with a bit of personality, humor, and charm? Thats whats really is great about Russ. He knows when to be laid back and when to be principled and hard on important issues. A great example is how he wants to bring about a vote in the senate on pay raises. Russ, as he promised in 1992, has never taken a pay raise while in office. So, in a week where the senate shot down raising the minnumim wage, they have no problem giving themselves a pay raise. Russ just simply wants those who feel this is ok, to vote yes on it. Once again, Russ is there to take on the issue based on principle and keep the politicians honest.


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