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30 June 2006

Closing out June

Just in case I am not able to blog for the 4th a July, I want to wish everyone a safe and fun time. This 4th of July will mark the one year since the national online movement to draft Russ Feingold for President kicked off. In just one year, we have created a movement that have shook the socks right off the D.C. establishment. We have in other words, not just put Russ on the map, but, some folks even look at him as a contender. Yep, just look at it this way. In 2004, no one outside of Wisconsin, knew who russ was. In 2005 political types began to take notice, as he called for the withdrawl of U.S. troops in Iraq, fought against passing CAFTA, and gave one hec of a fight to rewrite the USA PATRIOT ACT. Now, in 2006, people are looking at him and seeing a possible 2008 Presidential prospect. When 2007 rolls around, pundits might say that he could get a VP nod but never head the democratic ticket. Then, in 2008, the American people will see the greatness that is Senator Russ Feingold, as we together, watch him sworn in President in 2009. Its just going to take some time, and a whole lot of spending money my sweet child.

Russ this week voted against a constitutional amendment to make Flag burning illegal. For all those who say Russ is against freedom of expression and individual liberty because of McCain-Feingold, I rest my case. Russ also, as always, voted against the unfair Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act Unfortunately, Michigan was split on both issues. Levin went along with Michigan voters and voted along side Russ. Stabenow chose not to vote on the OFTAIA but did vote yes on the Flag burning amendment. C'mon Debbie, we know your better then that. The month of June has been pretty nice to Russ in statewide polls. Russ Trails Kerry by only one point in Florida and Georgia. He is tied with Kerry in Michigan and New Jersey. In Pennsylvania he is beating Kerry by 1 point and has almost doubled him in Washington as he is just 1 point behind Edwards. In Wisconsin, he is in a statistical tie with Hillary for first place. To add a cherry on top of that, remember that these polls are done by Strategic Vision. From my findings, they are a bit Republicanish. So if their polls are finding this, then you know Russ is all good BBQ with the American people.


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