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22 June 2006

Quick updates

The Take Back America Conference in D.C. was Great. I got to meet Senator Feingold and he recieved many standing ovations when he spoke. We, the crowd, even chanted "We want Russ!!! We want Russ!!!" As he walked on stage to deliver his speech. Hillary was given plenty of boos at the convention when she did not support a timetable withdrawl on Iraq. Kerry was also given a standing ovation when he said that he was wrong on Iraq and it was time for a withdrawl. However, no one recieved higher praise at the convention then Russ Feingold.

At the convention Kerry said he was going to demand an up and down vote later the next week in the senate on a new direction with Iraq. This faild 93-6-1 not voting. This promted two amendments to be voted on this week. The First was the Kerry-Feingold Amt. calling for a timetable withdrawl of U.S. Millitary forces from Iraq by July 2007. This failed in the senate 86-13-1 not voting. The next was the The Levin-Reed Amt. which called for a withdrawl of troops starting this year but with now timetable. This faired better, but still failed 60-39-1 not voting. All 2008 democratic contenders in the senate voted to support the Levin-Reed Amt. Although, Russ, has not just been one of 23 senators to vote against the war, but the first to demand a time table withdrawl of troops last summer. It just seems that Russ is always ahead of the democratic pack by at least a year on all major issues. First they scoff him, but then later try to join him with a version of their own. Either way, Russ has what it takes to get Democrats moving. Oh! Go and vote for Jennifer Granholm right now!!! Plus, Vote Russ in the strawpoll!!!


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