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09 June 2006

Summer Blues? Not with Russ

Well there is plenty I could say but, I will have much, much more at the end of next week. I have been very busy working on a congressional campaign in Michigan. I actually have a number of things I am doing for the fall now that I think about it. Eitherway, I 'm still all systems go for Russ. This Monday I am going to be in D.C. for the Take Back America conference. It is the largest gathering for progressives in the USA. This is the 4th annual one, and Russ is Speaking right from the start 9am Wednesday. As I said before. I am going to be gone for a bit but will have plenty of things to say next week. Maybe even Pictures! So see you guys next week. I hope someone else can blog for our MI Russ fans while I am gone. Great to have Fitzy back. Oh, I soooo have my new 10 or so Russ Backers. Feingold is like Ice cream in the summer. No one in Michigan can say no.


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