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30 March 2005

Feingold for Michigan

In 2008, progressives around the country will have a chance to shape the debate to our issues. By running progressive candidates for high office, we can create discussion of all those issues which have been ignored over four years of a conservative Bush administration. We can discuss civil liberties, poverty, education, the environment, and dozens more similarly-ignored issues. And we can get these candidates elected.

On the presidential level, the most promising candidate at this early stage is Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold. A proven progressive and deficit hawk, Feingold is an honest and open politician who is willing to speak his mind on issues. Pushing for reform in the famous McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill and many others, he was the only senator to vote against the USAPATRIOT Act, citing concerns over civil liberties. His votes are based on logic and principle, two characteristics he will bring to the presidency.

Granted, he hasn't announced that he is running. The best sign of a possible bid can be found here, as it seems he has registered and similar domain names (and he's not running for reelection in 2008). No one but the senator knows for sure if he will go for the presidency, but he did say, when asked about his future political goals,
"If at some point people say, 'Hey, we think you ought to run for president' (and) it's a serious thing, I'm going to listen. I would only run if I honestly believed that I was the guy that really could win, that I was the person who was the best candidate to run." (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal)
So that's what we've got to do now. If we want to elect the right person, we need to show him the support he needs.

Hence this blog. The network of support can be built for Senator Feingold, to show him that he can win, and to make sure that happens. More specifically, we can discuss how to give him as many delegates as possible from the Great Lakes State (not Wolverine State-- I'll come out now and admit, I'm something of an MSU fan) in the primaries, and guarantee him victory in November 2008.

Now comes the disclaimer: This site and I are in no way connected or affiliated with Senator Russ Feingold, his Senate staff, his family, any household pets he might own, or really anything else. I'm not accepting donations-- this is in no way a PAC or anything anywhere close to that. This is simply a place for discussion of how we can help the senator win in Michigan. Comment on what I write, please; I'll be posting links to news articles, information on Senator Feingold, and anything else that seems important to me, and, if your comments are particularly well-written or thought-provoking and you live in Michigan, don't be surprised if I ask you take over a little bit of the blogging too.