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09 April 2005

"Feingold urged to pursue presidency" -- The Journal Times

Haven't posted for a while... been pretty busy. My apologies.

In The Journal Times, a newspaper in Racine, Wisconsin, there's an interesting article about one of Senator Feingold's famous listening sessions. A big chunk of the article, of course, talks about many of the people he spoke with (and, of course, listened to) urging him to run for president. I suspect that as more and more people catch on to the fact that this is the right guy for the office, Senator Feingold will have to be answering more and more of these sorts of questions at listening sessions and elsewhere. But then, he did say he "If at some point people say, 'Hey, we think you ought to run for president' (and) it's a serious thing, I'm going to listen" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal). So keep telling him that, everyone!

The article is well worth the read, though I'm afraid I have no insightful thoughts on it today. One bit caught my eye, though, and I'd like to share it with you:

Phil Haney said what he really wants is a candidate he can be excited about supporting.

"I hope sometime in my lifetime to vote for a person for president like "Fighting Bob" LaFollette or Russ Feingold," he said. "I hope before I cash out of this realm I get to do that."
Says a lot right there, I think.


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