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17 April 2006

Equality for Feingold

There's a new blog up, this time covering Senator Feingold's support for equal rights to same-sex couples, called Equality for Feingold. Why do they support Senator Feingold? The same reason everyone else does!

Senator Russ Feingold who represents Wisconsin (along with out Rep. Tammy Baldwin) has continually stood up for our community, on numerous occasions, including occasions when it has been politically inconvenient. He displays an understanding of our issues, and addresses them in many forums and not just on simple votes. As a strong, progressive leader, he deserves our support.
It doesn't matter who you are-- heterosexual or homosexual, conservative or liberal, young or old, black or white, or any other variation on these themes-- you can respect Senator Feingold for his principled stands and willingness to put the people he represents before politics. On issue after issue, he has articulated thoughtful, honest positions while maintaining an openness to change his mind. He should be and will be the next President of the United States.


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