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08 March 2006

News and Texas

First off, let's add another one: Texas for Feingold makes 14. I think now more than ever it's worth pointing out the diverse collection of states which now have someone representing them in the pro-Feingold blogosphere. The Midwest, the Pacific Coast, New England, the South. Quite a spread.

Speaking of nationwide appeal (nice transition, no?), Ilya at has a post about that very topic.

And then, there's what Senator Feingold is doing himself. This Friday at 10:30 AM Eastern, he'll have his very first online listening session via the Progressive Patriots Fund website. Well worth signing up for.

That's all for tonight.


Blogger WestTexasBliss said...

Sen. Russ Feingold, Standing Tall and Shooting Straight.
Texas for Feingold

Sat Mar 11, 02:52:00 AM EST  

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