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27 August 2006

November 8th, 2006

No doubt many readers of this blog have noticed that I haven't posted for about a month now. I'd like to apologize for that, as there's been quite a lot I could have been posting on-- what Ned Lamont means for Feingold in 2008, for example, or a whole host of polls or news articles about Feingold.

Unfortunately, something else has been the focus of my attention lately. While progressive netroots activists across the country were celebrating Ned Lamont's victory over Joe Lieberman, I was decidedly less happy. In my own Congressional District, MI-07, there was another closely-watched race with national implications.

Incumbent Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz is far from progressive, and I've had many days when I've wanted to write him angry letters. But he had intelligence and experience, and was a good man and fair representative of the district. On Tuesday, August 8th, he was defeated for renomination by Tim Walberg, a former state representative whose candidacy was sponsored by the Club for Growth.

Walberg is conservative in the worst way. He calls himself "100% pro-life," and routinely makes issues like abortion and gay marriage (when did gay marriage become a "pro-life" issue?) into "moral values" issues, with him taking the side of James Dobson and Jerry Falwell. He's never met a tax cut he didn't like, and was famous in the Michigan legislature for voting "no" on just about everything. In Congress, he'll try to cut taxes with no regard for fiscal responsibility, and opposes the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. On top of that, he's promised to follow President Bush blindly into the fire when it comes to Iraq, Iran, and a host of other world conflicts. Certainly no accountability from him.

With Michigan's gerrymandering, there's a good chance he could win in November. But I can't let myself believe the voters would really elect him, and between now and Election Day, I shall do everything I can to help defeat him and elect Democrat Sharon Renier.

As part of that, my blogging will take a different direction as well. Like everyone, my time is limited, and it's tough to maintain with any regularity even one blog. For the next couple months, that blog will be Walberg Watch-- dedicated to revealing just how radical Tim Walberg is, and helping to elect Sharon Renier.

I still support Russ Feingold whole-heartedly, and I'll be back here on November 8th, 2006. Until then, support your Democratic candidates for Congress, Governor Granholm and Senator Stabenow, and progressives on all levels of government.

If you're in a giving mood, stop by Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund and see who some good candidates are.

And maybe consider donating to Democrat Sharon Renier here in Michigan's 7th District too.


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