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23 November 2006

Russ Feingold Will Not Run For President

Russ Feingold isn't running. This probably isn't news to anyone, and I ought to have written this sooner, but I've had a tough time deciding what to say. But today is Thanksgiving, and, believe it or not, I've still got a lot to be thankful for, and a lot of thank-you's to make.

Senator Feingold chose not to run because he didn't want to lose the opportunity he'll have to do good work in the newly-Democratic Senate, and, though disappointed, I can understand. He's still the most honest man in Washington, and if he wants to run in 2016 (or 2012, if a Democrat doesn't win in 2008), I'll be racing thousands of others to be the first person on the plane to Wisconsin to volunteer.

I've devoted time and energy to this cause, but I think we all owe thanks to the amazing folks that put together this movement, from the very first blog to Their hard work, with help from ordinary people like you and me, created a movement. It was people-powered politics at its finest, and in a matter of days there were over 3,500 members and over $92,000 pledged-- numbers that would have grown even further if Senator Feingold had made a different decision. We'll all go our separate ways, and get excited about different candidates (though, I suspect we'll be attracted to the same set of possibilities), but this accomplishment should not be forgotten.

And thank you, Senator Feingold, for giving us someone to be excited about. Finding the beginnings of a movement to draft you into the campaign helped me recover from John Kerry's loss, and helped restore my belief in progressive politics. I know that you had a similar affect on others as well.

Thank you to the readers of this blog, who have suffered through my poorly-written posts because they've hoped to help Senator Feingold in Michigan. And thank you to certain people who have encouraged me and my ideas through this movement.

This is all I can say, but there's so much more I wish I could say. Go read Dan's final post at his blog, and save a copy, because he's a masterful writer. Then, read Senator Feingold's thank you post on

In the meantime, let's keep going Forward. Let's go Forward with progressive politics in Michigan and around the country. Let's go Forward into 2008, winning seats in places where progressivism can make a difference, all across the country. And let's go Forward with Feingold, building a better future for ourselves with a Democratic Congress.

09 November 2006


While I've been blogging for the MI-07 race this fall, some very smart and dedicated Feingold fans have made the informal, scattered movement into something real: This is the next step in a people-powered pro-Feingold effort, and I'm proud to be a member, as Michigan's state administrator.

To the new Michigan members that have just joined, I welcome you to the movement and hope some of you are willing to blog for Feingold in our state. If you'd like to contribute content to this blog, e-mail me.

I can't tell you how excited I am. Over the coming week, I'll be clearing a lot of the clutter from the Feingold for Michigan blog to make it a little more streamlined, and I'll be adding plenty of new content. Until then, go and sign up with RunRussRun! Make a pledge for a future Feingold campaign today! Also, go read petercjack's excellent DailyKos diary.

Below, I've included haus' MyDD diary announcing the new site. He's the one who made this beautiful new website come together, along with hard work from other Feingold supporters around the country.

There have been a lot of posts in a lot of places mentioning vague developments for the "Draft Russ Feingold" movement in the near future. Well, it's November 9th, we own the Congress, and "Daffy" Donald Rumsfeld is an unpleasant memory. In other words the future is here.

Click here to beat the crowd and sign up at

We're very pleased to announce the launch of, which replaces as the national headquarters of the Draft Feingold for President movement.

Click here to sign up at

The new site was developed by Internet activists from 16 states and 5 national constituency groups. We looked very carefully at what worked and what didn't in our state-level organizations, our former national site, and previous presidential draft movements. Emerging technology helped us solve most of the problems we saw, emphasize what worked best, and open up what we think is a new kind of site for on-line activism.

Click here to sign up at gives members access to a wide array of services including: a customized activism road map, interaction with other members across the country, and direct access to free tools for building local and state-level groups and activities. It also features up-to-the-minute news from the Feingold for President state and community blogs, discussion forums, and an option to pledge donations to a future Feingold presidential campaign.

The effort to convince Senator Feingold to make a presidential run traces back to December, 2004 when the first Russ Feingold for President blog was started by current Washington University law student Daniel Kuehnert. Since then, the effort has grown to include 16 state blogs and numerous nationwide sites, including, which was founded in February 2005 by University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point student Matthew Wallock. Steering Committee member, Minnesota resident and political activist Joel Clemmer, says "The movement has grown tremendously and needs a new face for the final push. Our goal over the next few months is to double our membership and bring at least five more states on line."

Add your voice to the movement: sign up at today.

08 November 2006

The First Day of the Next Campaign

Sharon Renier (D) lost to Tim Walberg (R) in the Michigan 7th Congressional District, but it was the closest House race in the state, and I'm glad that my small contributions seemed to have an impact with some voters.

But you know what? I'm tired of supporting candidates that look so promising, but then fall just short when it counts. I'm tired of losing in the most painful way. I'm tired of seeing someone I support falling to a far-right, radical conservative.

That's why I support Russ Feingold. I support Senator Feingold because he can win. I support him because he has a history of pulling out surprise victories when everything is acting against him. I support him because he reflects my values, and the values of most Americans-- that we are a country of laws, not kings, that we must be reasonable and thoughtful as we make decisions, and that we must be tolerant of those around us. I support Senator Feingold because he keeps the promises he makes to the people of Wisconsin.

And I want Senator Feingold to break one of those promises on January 20, 2009.
I will live in Middleton, Wisconsin. My children will go to school here and I will spend most of my time here in Wisconsin.
It'll be hard for him to keep that promise when he's living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But I think the people of Wisconsin will understand.