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08 November 2006

The First Day of the Next Campaign

Sharon Renier (D) lost to Tim Walberg (R) in the Michigan 7th Congressional District, but it was the closest House race in the state, and I'm glad that my small contributions seemed to have an impact with some voters.

But you know what? I'm tired of supporting candidates that look so promising, but then fall just short when it counts. I'm tired of losing in the most painful way. I'm tired of seeing someone I support falling to a far-right, radical conservative.

That's why I support Russ Feingold. I support Senator Feingold because he can win. I support him because he has a history of pulling out surprise victories when everything is acting against him. I support him because he reflects my values, and the values of most Americans-- that we are a country of laws, not kings, that we must be reasonable and thoughtful as we make decisions, and that we must be tolerant of those around us. I support Senator Feingold because he keeps the promises he makes to the people of Wisconsin.

And I want Senator Feingold to break one of those promises on January 20, 2009.
I will live in Middleton, Wisconsin. My children will go to school here and I will spend most of my time here in Wisconsin.
It'll be hard for him to keep that promise when he's living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But I think the people of Wisconsin will understand.


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