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11 April 2005

"Feingold, Wife Divorcing" --

Well. It's too bad for the the Feingold family, and I'm certain that both Russ and Mary, as well as the children, are going through a rough time right now. But, as both are responsible adults they have every right to do this, and don't deserve to have the entire country prying into their lives. It's a private decision, end of discussion.

Politically, this shouldn't matter, as the American people shouldn't care about the personal lives of their leaders, they should care about the leadership and ideas of their leaders. It's three years out from any candidacy, so, while this could be mentioned in the future, I doubt it will have any real impact should Sen. Feingold run.

That last paragraph sickens me. This is a tough decision for any couple to make, and here I am, and a dozen other political sites too, commenting on it in a political sense. But, this is a political blog, and so I have to mention it.

I wish both Sen. Feingold and Mary and their children the best of luck, and hope that they can find greater happiness in their new lives.


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