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16 April 2005

Feingold in the News

I've been busy lately, and unable to post, nor can I write a detailed post on anything right now... But I'll be back soon, I promise.

Until then, to keep you all interested:

The Divorce:
"Feingold, Wife Announce Plans to End Marriage"- JS Online. This article provides a bigger view of it, as well as reactions from political analysts, which wasn't present in the short announcement I linked to previously. Dan K. has some good comments on this at his Russ Feingold for President blog.

A Successful Senator:
Political Wire has a short post about how Russ Feingold was named the fifth most successful senator when it comes to passing amendments. MyDD also has some comments on this.

Bolton Nomination:
I've been following this really closely, and would dearly love to write a long, long post on it... Maybe tomorrow, probably not until next week. But read this article from The Capital Times.

The SAFE Act:
Senator Feingold, with bipartisan support, released a statement on the Security and Freedom Enhancement Act of 2005, which will hopefully fix that which is awful with the USAPATRIOT Act. If you're at this site this early in the race, it's pretty likely that you're a Feingold fan already, and love him dearly for voting against the PATRIOT Act, so I don't need to talk much about that.

And now, I'd like to thank Brian and Dave at the Russ Feingold Archive for most of these links. The site is a wonderful summary of the Feingold news out there, and in tandem with a Google News search for "Russ Feingold", it's been easy to find Feingold news.

That site also had a good piece on the Russ Feingold Blog Community. It's worth reading, and, if you're interested in joining the movement, try filling one of the gaps Brian points out. And I'm not recommending the piece just because of the glowing review of my work (though that did make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...).


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