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03 June 2005

An Apology and A Beginning

First off, I'd like to apologize to anyone who has been expecting regular postings lately. The second half of May was a very turbulent time in my life, unfortunately, and the past six months or so have been pretty rough overall. I wasn't even able to send that letter I wrote until this morning, sad to say. But with summer and blue skies and green grass, I think things are calming down again, so expect regular updates in the future. Except for next week, though, when I will be out of the country. But after that, all will be back to normal.

That's out of the way. Now, for the excitement...

Even though I haven't been writing much, I've still been following the news about the 2006 and 2008 races, the presidency, and, of course, Senator Russ Feingold. May seemed to be the Month of Hillary, with quite a few articles on Senator Clinton and her possible bid for the presidency. More recently, there's also been buzz about a Hillary Clinton vs. Laura Bush campaign. Hey, why not? It's fun to think about, and everyone deserves a little bit of buzz in the news now and then. Meanwhile, Senator Feingold has been continuing to do his job, with legislation intended to help the people of Wisconsin.

Then, in the Google News Alert e-mail I have set up for news about him, there was a link to this. And I came to the same conclusion of the author at that link: this could be the first step toward a bid for the presidency. Senator Feingold's PAC, the Progressive Patriots Fund, has launched a website to help further their goals and message.

Okay, so launching a website doesn't sound too exciting, does it? Well, to me, it does. With the website, the PAC will have a much easier time raising money and working to accomplish what it is trying to do, and it will raise Senator Feingold's visibility quite a bit. It's the first step toward a campaign website, in much the same way that Wesley Clark's WesPAC website has kept him visible for a potential 2008 run. So I'm excited, even if it's a touch premature.

It's still far too early for any major moves by Senator Feingold. But every now and then, something might be a good sign.


Anonymous Brian said...

I just ran across this site. I’ll be moving to Michigan in another month, and I hope this site might become a network to help expand the supporter base for Russ in the State. With the talk of Michigan moving up the primary calendar, it may be an important state for a progressive run for the nomination.

Fri Jun 17, 04:52:00 PM EDT  

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