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10 July 2005

Democracy for Tennessee Convention (Part One)

As many of you may have known, Senator Feingold was the keynote speaker at the first annual Democracy for Tennessee convention.

Sadly, I was unable to attend it, and I haven't got the faintest idea what he said. Hopefully sometime in the next few days they will post his speech on the Democracy for Tennessee website, so that we can pick it apart and use it to show that Senator Feingold will make a fantastic president, and that he's preparing for a run and needs our help. That's what we do, afterall.

So anyway, when they post the speech, I'll include important bits in Part Two. But it must have been good; first, here's Mark Naccarato's post on the DfT homepage:

By all accounts, the first Democracy for Tennessee Convention was a smashing success - as was the speech by Senator Feingold at the Belcourt Theatre. Stay tuned for a full Convention report over the next day or so and some great pictures. In the meantime, anyone that attended either event is welcome to use this for an open thread to post their comments or helpful suggestions. But please... play nice! We're all volunteers and we're all on the same side! Thanks to everyone who helped and attended. We couldn't have pulled it off without all of YOU and your passion for our democracy. -Mark
And now, here's the first comment left on that post, by Will Radford:

Great day.

I wish I could've made the all day convention, from everything I've heard, it was an awesome success. 130 people in a year after a Presidential Election is great. There is no telling how much this group will grow over the next few years.

The Feingold event tonight was great. I really admire this guy. Tonight brought back great memories of the old Dean campaign. My only complaint about the whole evening (and it's a small one) is that we didn't all get a chance to line up and shake Mr. Feingold's hand. I understand we ran long and he had somewhere to be. It's cool.

What Feingold said tonight about smiling and enjoy what you are doing really struck a chord with me. When the Dean campaign ended I was as sad about not seeing everyone on a daily basis anymore as much as I was that we didn't get the nomination.

Thanks for the oppurtunity.

Will Radford
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