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18 July 2005

Feingold in Pennsylvania

I just got home from a short 3 1/2 day vacation in D.C. Saw the Mall, toured the capitol, saw all the memorials, did some of the Smithsonian, and visited Arlington. Busy weekend!

Of course, when planning the trip, I had the tiny, totally unrealistic hope of catching a glimpse of Senator Feingold (among other political favorites in Washington) while I was there, but no such luck would be had... he was in Pennsylvania!

Well, at least on Saturday he was. And Jerry Troiano at New Jersey for Feingold did get to meet him:

Despite the room bordering on sun-like temperatures Ms. Murphy and Senator Feingold allowed everyone who had a question a chance to ask it. I used my question as an opportunity to basically beg the Senator to run for President in 2008. Of course I expected the same response that he has given every other time the subject is raised. That is, there’s plenty of work to do before 2008 and that he is focused on winning back the House and Senate at this point. But the more he is asked, the more support he knows he would have.

Afterwords he spoke with people as he was leaving, and did the whole handshaking thing. I gave him a “New Jersey for Feingold” button, which he seemed rather happy to see.

He's got a bit more information and some photos on his site. Check it out.

Meanwhile, after I unpack, I'm going to try to catch up on all of the news I missed this weekend. This week I hope to have a bit of coverage of Michigan's 2006 races, which are starting to heat up, and maybe some photos from Washington.


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