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08 August 2005

Campaign Update - 8 August, 2005

We're trying a new look to the website; hope you all like it.

A couple items of note for the Draft Feingold campaign:

First off, Senator Feingold is doing everything we would want him to do in preparation for a campaign-- most notably, he's heading to New Hampshire in September. Jerry Troiano at New Jersey for Feingold has that story, via

In addition to holding listening sessions, the Senator will also be the featured speaker at first annual Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner in Rockingham County, as well as participating in an event for the Mayor of Manchester, Bob Baines.
This is a way to make friends early in a crucial primary state-- nice move, Senator.

Then, reports that he'll be giving a "major national security speech" on August 23rd, for a group called Town Hall Los Angeles. He'll also be speaking to the UCLA Law School on the 22nd. What I'm sure will be excellent speeches will remind us of Feingold's experience and unique perspective on foreign relations.

Also, over at, there's a plan in the works to possibly rent billboards to publicize the site and encourage Senator Feingold to run. Head on over, check out the discussion forums, and help make this first step a reality.

Lastly, schwompa at Tennesseans for Feingold has a petition asking Senator Feingold to run, which he plans to send to the Progressive Patriots Fund. He wants to reach 10,000 signatures by the end of the year. I think we can manage at least 15,000, don't you?

That's all for tonight.


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