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02 December 2005

At -- Town Hall with Senator Feingold

From time to time, I find myself thinking about the way the world is and how it got to be this way, and the historical causes of it. Nearly every time I start pondering such things, I notice that in so many critical points in history, just one or two people's actions changed the outcome of events and helped create the world today.

Wouldn't it be fascinating to ask those people a few questions? Wouldn't it be every history buff's dream to ask Thomas Jefferson where he got the inspiration for the beautiful language used in the Declaration of Independence? Or have a chat with Abraham Lincoln about what leadership really means, and how his wisdom could be applied to current events? Ah, it would be an incredible experience to sit with Albert Einstein just before he developed the Theory of Relativity, and ask him about his thought processes.

Unfortunately, none of us have those opportunities. Few men and women are remembered by history, and when an opportunity arises to gain insight into their actions, only a fool would let it pass them by. And now you could potentially have that opportunity.

At, Ilya just announced that Senator Feingold has agreed to answer our questions.
Since the last election, Senator Feingold has been travelling the country from Florida to Illinois and Tennessee to New Hampshire. Along the way he's told people his ideas for the Democratic Party and the Country.

Now, is honored to have a Q and A with Senator Feingold. Ever wanted to know why the Senator supported John Roberts? Or what his views are on Gulf Coast reconstruction? Here's your chance to interact with the Senator himself. Post your question in the comments and we'll get as many as possible answered.

Questions must be submitted by noon (central time) on Tuesday.

Note. you must log in on the left side of the screen to ask a question. If you don't have an account yet, it takes 10 seconds to register.
So quit reading my blog and head on over to right now to submit your questions. We have no way of knowing if Russ Feingold will be remembered as a great man along the lines of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Einstein. But this I think can be stated with certainty: Feingold will help shape the 2008 election, and has the potential to be a fantastic president.


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