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06 October 2005

Early October Update

So, a few items of note for you all.

First, has an October Update entry up, which pretty well covers the pro-Feingold movement as a whole. Also, right now on the site's front page is a post linking to a piece on RAW STORY that is absolutely worth reading.

A few quick excerpts:
WASHINGTON -- Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) says Senate Democrats will soon introduce more elements of their party’s plan to resolve foreign policy with regard to Iraq. “You’ll see more evidence of that coming out of the Democratic caucus this week,” he told RAW STORY.
“The idea that you stay in a situation that isn’t going the right way just for the sake of saying that you’re staying the course is a potentially disastrous approach,” the senator said. “The idea that things would be much worse if we let Iraqis take over I think is questionable. A lot of the recruiting is based on the idea that it is a permanent American occupation.”
Asked about speculation that he was positioning himself to be the Democrats’ anti-war presidential candidate in 2008, he said, “I would never make policy positions relating something to Iraq based on a political goal. I’m taking a position I’m taking on Iraq based on the work I’ve been doing.”
Good stuff, no?

Also, the monthly MyDD Presidential Straw Poll is up, along with the corresponding instant runoff ballot. I urge everyone to vote. As of right now, the totals are:

Evan Bayh
3 votes - 1 %
Joe Biden
2 votes - 0 %
Wesley Clark
84 votes - 31 %
Hillary Clinton
22 votes - 8 %
John Edwards
37 votes - 13 %
Russ Feingold
61 votes - 22 %
Bill Richardson
12 votes - 4 %
Mark Warner
28 votes - 10 %
20 votes - 7 %
for the one on the MyDD page and
Wesley Clark 125 (31.8%)
Russ Feingold 86 (21.9%)
John Edwards 67 (17.0%)
Mark Warner 36 (9.2%)
Hillary Clinton 27 (6.9%)
Unsure 23 (5.9%)
Bill Richardson 17 (4.3%)
Evan Bayh 7 (1.8%)
Joe Biden 5 (1.3%)
for Round 1 and
Wesley Clark 210 (55.4%)
Russ Feingold 169 (44.6%)
None of these 14
for Round 8 of the IRV poll. Let's see if we can bump up some of those numbers and help Senator Feingold win one of these.

... And I had something else I wanted to mention, too, but I can't seem to think of it right now. Hopefully I can remember it sometime tonight or tomorrow and post an update. Dang. Thought I was too young to be losing my memory.

Anyway, go and vote now, thinking Forward With Feingold all the way.


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