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02 October 2005

Feingold in New Hampshire

I'm sorry for not posting lately... I've been busy. As part of that, I was out of town Friday/Saturday.

So I'm in my hotel room Friday night, and I sort of fall onto the bed and grab turn the television on. Flipping through the channels, I pass all of the basic cable things you expect to see in a Friday night, and nothing much is appealing to me. I'm starting to lose hope, when who do I see looking back at me? Why, none other than Senator Russ Feingold on C-SPAN.

I had totally forgotten that he would be in New Hampshire, but it all came back to me when I was lucky enough to catch the last five minutes or so of his event on C-SPAN.

I can't seem to find any video of it on their website (if you have any luck, please let me know in the comments), but there are a couple good summaries of it that I've found. Check out Tennesseans for Feingold, first, and a diary on MyDD. And then the Progressive Patriots Fund.

That's all for now.


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