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22 December 2005

December General Update

First, in the Senate. Last night, a compromise was reached in the Senate-- the USA PATRIOT Act has been renewed for six months, during which time more work can be done to protect our civil liberties. Senator Feingold explains what this means for the future in a Daily Kos diary. Check it out, as always it's worth reading. Also, told us of Feingold's role in the ANWR drilling debate.

With the PATRIOT Act, the NSA spying on American citizens, and Senator Feingold's showing his strength and leadership qualities, there's been a lot of buzz online about 2008. DKos, of course, is an excellent place to sample this, the latest diary I've seen suggesting that Senator Feingold has the same characteristics as a man who saved the world. What higher praise can you get than that? He is the right choice for 2008.

Doubtless, more buzz will begin with a discovery made by Joe Connolly with Friends of Feingold, then subsequently reported by RussForPresident. From the Federal Elections Commission:

Presented by the Federal Election Commission


Candidate listings may appear here as a result of draft committees or independent expenditure committees
registering with the FEC. If no official documents of an authorized committee appear below, the
individual identified here has taken no action to become a candidate.


Office Sought: President
State: Presidential Candidate
District: 03
Party: DEM (Democratic Party)
So. This is a very promising sign. He hasn't declared his candidacy, but obviously seeing his name listed is enough to make any Feingold supporter leap with joy.

Lastly, to all you Michigan supporters: e-mail me if you're interested in getting involved. I'm hoping that 2006 will be a very busy year for us.


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