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09 December 2005

Ohio for Feingold... and beyond

Another blog has entered the pro-Feingold community: Ohio for Feingold. As everyone knows, Ohio was the key state in 2004, and will likely be a battleground state once again, especially if things go well in 2006 for Democrats. If Ohio goes to Feingold, then Missouri, Tennessee, Nevada, West Virginia, Colorado, and Florida are all within reach.

So an early effort in Ohio is an excellent start!

Now, some of you may be wondering how you can help on the local level. Do you live in a state that doesn't have a blog yet? Start one! Do you live in Michigan and want to help out? E-mail me! Are you not sure if your state has a blog? Check out the 50 State section on! Do you want more information on Russ Feingold that can't be found on any of the websites you've checked out? E-mail me, and I will endeavor to find out everything you wish to know.

Over the next few weeks, watch for updates on this site... I'm going to be trying a few new things.


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