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18 January 2006

Welcome Iowa and MeetUps

Today I'd like to welcome Iowa for Feingold, the latest addition to the pro-Feingold blogging movement. The blogger in question, noneed4thneed, has been active on for a while, and it's great to see a new blog for this first and very important state of the primary season.

Also, the first Feingold for President MeetUps are starting up, which you can see listed on RussForPresident's Events page. The first ones so far are in Madison, WI (Feb. 19) and New Brunswick, New Jersey (Feb. 20), being organized by RussForPresident and NJ for Feingold, respectively.

[UPDATE] Add another one to the list: Los Angeles, California on Feb. 19. [/UPDATE]

Why those days? Because February 20th is Presidents' Day. A fitting start to the next phase, no?

I'm afraid I won't be in town that week, but if anyone wants to do a Feingold for Michigan MeetUp that weekend, e-mail me and I'll help you set it up. Perhaps something to go along with the Michigan Democratic Convention on the 18th? It'd be a great way to get the word out. So e-mail me if you're interested.


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