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04 February 2006

Michigan Poll

Hi, all, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life has been especially busy for me the last three weeks or so, and I just haven't been able to find the time to post.

Most of the recent Feingold-related news can be found at and the various state blogs-- and what news there's been! From Alito to the State of the Union to commenting on the pre-1776 mentality (read this, it's great), to being the only person to vote against the Patriot Act... again. And then, before I get a chance to mention it here, Tennesseans for Feingold also posts on a Strategic Vision poll here in Michigan.

For a lover of polls like myself, there's plenty to enjoy in this one-- lots of fun little numbers on the Gubertatorial and Senate races this fall. But, more important for this blog, there's this question:
22. For the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination whom would you support? (Democrats Only)
Hillary Clinton 28%
Al Gore 18%
John Edwards 13%
John Kerry 6%
Wesley Clark 6%
Russ Feingold 5%
Joseph Biden 2%
Mark Warner 2%
Evan Bayh 1%
Tom Vilsak 1%
Bill Richardson 1%
Ed Rendell 1%
Barbara Boxer 1%
Undecided 15%
(bold emphasis mine)

Yes, five percent. It doesn't sound like much, but remember that the candidates named above him have all either run for president before or been a previous resident of the White House, if not the Oval Office. Plus, Al Gore, a man who I have a great deal of respect for, probably won't run, some of which would likely go to Feingold. A little-known senator from Wisconsin is polling ahead of all the "electable" choices we keep hearing about-- Warner, Bayh, and Richardson.

Is this a victory? Of course not. We've got to get to work and try to get things moving for Feingold in Michigan. But I find the poll very encouraging. Michigan residents are ready for someone like Senator Feingold.


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