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20 February 2006

Presidents' Day

Happy Presidents' Day, everyone! Just think, three short years from now, we can add a certain fellow from Wisconsin to that list. It might be a little too early to start planning this now, but I think it might be a good idea to celebrate this, when that day comes. But until then, we've got work to do.

And that's exactly what's been happening with the very first Feingold for President Meetups. Haven't heard from anyone at the New Jersey, Los Angeles, or Madison get-togethers last night or tonight, but I'm sure they were quite successful.

Unfortunately, I couldn't organize anything for Michigan, as I'm in south-central New York this week for family reasons. But if anyone in Michigan is interested in organizing something, let me know.

Of course, one advantage to being on the road is that hotel rooms often have a wider selection of cable channels than I have at home, and, flipping through them tonight, I happened upon HBO just as Real Time with Bill Maher was being replayed from last Friday. And, of course, Senator Russ Feingold was the first guest.

Thanks to NJ for Feingold, here's the link to the video, via Crooks and Liars.

I haven't been posting very often lately, and I really regret that. This is a critical time in the pro-Feingold movement, as we begin to come together and really build something for 2008. But life gets busy, as I'm sure every one of you knows, and my week last week included that ever-dreaded chore of having to call the hospital to inquire about the well-being of a loved one. But don't worry, things are getting back to normal, and I should be resuming regular posting soon.

Soon, I hope also to have news of progress with some Feingold fans at Central Michigan University who sound very eager to help. Until then, let's keep going forward.

[UPDATE]: New Jersey for Feingold has a recap of their meetup here, and has one of the Madison, WI meetup here.

[UPDATE II]: Forgot to mention, but was reminded in the comments, that Iowa for Feingold is hosting a meetup this Sunday. If you happen to be in Iowa and are reading this, you'd better check out the Iowa for Feingold blog for details.

[UPDATE III]: Hey, anyone from Colorado out there? 'Cause there's a new Denver Draft Russ Feingold Meetup Group! Welcome to the movement, Donna, and everyone else in Colorado.


Blogger Jerry Troiano said...

I've posted a summary of what went down at our New Jersey MeetUp for Russ here.

Tue Feb 21, 03:00:00 PM EST  
Blogger noneed4thneed said...

Iowa for Feingold is sponsoring a meetup this Sunday. Check out the blog for a summary of it.

Fri Feb 24, 10:57:00 PM EST  

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