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23 August 2005

Feingold at the UCLA Law School

Yesterday, Senator Feingold spoke at the University of California-Los Angeles Law School, originally intended to be focused on the Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court.

However, as Geotpf at Daily Kos tells us, it ended up as a speech outlining several of Feingold's beliefs-- really, most of the things that we all love about him. Indeed, the portions of the speech on Iraq may well have been a dress rehearsal for tonight's speech; as a press release from earlier in the month mentioned:

US Senator Russ Feingold’s Progressive Patriots Fund announced today that he will deliver a major foreign policy speech in Los Angeles on August 23 outlining the administration’s failure to develop a comprehensive national security strategy in the fight against terrorism. Feingold’s speech will suggest an alternative national security focus and speak to the need to advance a national security plan consistent with broader efforts to sustain an effective, coordinated campaign against international terrorism.
A "major foreign policy speech," eh? Sounds pretty presidential.

And The Nation had a blog entry up in preparation for it. Hopefully we'll find a transcript or recording tomorrow.

Also, Stevo on MyDD posted an interview with Senator Feingold yesterday as well. Both this and Geotpf's Kos diary are well worth reading.

Wish I could write more about all these. Hopefully I'll be able to include portions of tonight's speech tomorrow.


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