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21 August 2005

Feingold on "Meet the Press"

Senator Feingold appeared on "Meet the Press" this morning to discuss Iraq and his calls for a withdrawal timetable. It was refreshing to see a strong advocate of the progressive position on one of those shows; you can only take so much Joe Biden.

I had forgotten that he'd be on, and missed the first seven minutes or so of the program, but watching what I did and reading the transcript of what I missed was another reminder of why he should be president. He managed to clearly articulate the reasons for withdrawing from Iraq, I thought. And, even though he hasn't had much air time on the Sunday talk shows, I think he handled himself rather well. has the transcript of Senator Feingold's appearance, and New Jersey for Feingold has an mp3 audio recording of it. Plus, on MSNBC's website is a short clip of the discussion. Not sure how long that will be on the site, so check it out.


Blogger Jerry Troiano said...

if anyone had problems downloading the mp3 off the site, it's now fixed and ready to go.

Mon Aug 22, 01:16:00 PM EDT  

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