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18 August 2005

Feingold on Iraq Withdrawal

First, he called on the Bush Administration to set a timetable for withdrawal. Now, the Washington Post reports today that Senator Feingold is urging the administration to withdraw all American forces from Iraq by the end of next year.

Feingold is the first senator to call for a firm deadline, and is the first potential 2008 presidential candidate to do so.

From the article:

In a telephone interview from Wisconsin, Feingold said he has heard a wave of public disenchantment at 15 town hall meetings so far during the August recess, leading him to propose a Dec. 31, 2006, deadline.

"There's a deepening feeling of dismay in the country about the way things are going in Iraq," Feingold said. He rejected Bush's assertion that a deadline would make it easier for insurgents to simply hang on. "I think he's wrong. I think not talking about endgames is playing into our enemies' hand."

This is big stuff. This is what separates him from every other Democrat that could be running. And, of course, this is one of many, many reasons I hope to be voting for him.


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