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25 August 2005

Russ For President Blogads

Over at, they're working on a new project-- blog ads for the site, and to get the progressive blogosphere behind a Feingold candidacy. I think this is the perfect first step. It will bring a lot of people into the movement, and with them come a lot of new ideas and talents. After this comes the renting of billboards, advertisements in newspapers, and a full-scale Russ Feingold For President movement.

But you need to help if we want this to be a success. For this to work, they're going to need two things: funding and creativity.

On the main page of RussForPresident, there's now a "Make a Donation" button, linking to PayPal. Now, I know that no one particularly likes parting with their money. And for many, especially those like me, money is very tight. But if you can donate, please do. It's worth it.

Then, there's the part that anyone can assist in-- designing the blogad. On the RussForPresident forums, Ilya posted a message asking for supporters to submit designs for the ad, which will later be voted on. All submissions need to be in by Sunday, August 28. Currently, there are three submissions, as shown below. But more are welcome!

Requirements for submissions:
- Somewhere, it should say ""
- It should be the standard 150x200 pixel blogad size

And, if your design is selected, Ilya promised "a mystery prize". Sounds pretty exciting, no?

Really, even though it may not seem like a big deal, the ad will be the first impression that many potential supporters will get of the site and the movement. So, if you have image design skills, get to work on your submission!


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